Apartment Direct is a service of Admiral Online, the premier internet service provider to the real estate industry. Apartment Direct provides a variety of online services for the multifamily management and building industry.

We are proudly linked into the ApartmentAssociation.COM network and the Apartment Owners Association of Southern California.

Admiral Online uses 32 Sun Sparc IPX servers running with powerful RISC based processors. We maintain these dedicated leased servers and networking components at mirror sites in Sudbury Massachusetts, Atlanta Georgia, and Napa California so our in-house hardware experts are prepared for any problems that may arise. The Sun Sparc IPX Servers are powerful servers that run applications several times faster than Pentium machines. These servers use the Solaris 2.7 operating system and run the Apache 1.2 Web server, the most popular server software in the industry. These servers are pre-configured with the Apache Web server software. In addition, we have one NT server in Napa California. This server includes the Microsoft® Internet Information Server (IIS) and is tightly integrated with the Microsoft Windows NT® Server operating system. It is designed to deliver a wide range of intranet server capailities. Total bandwidth usage is maintained under 80% at all times. All servers have T-3 backbone access provided by three primary backbone providers. In addition, we have developed web administration software that comes pre-installed on all our virtual servers. It allows the users to take full advantage of the advanced features of these servers without requiring a background in programming or even computers. All servers host a variety of e-commerce, multimedia, communications, and security applications.

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